Owner has 30 Years in-the-trenches honest reliable experience & certification in all facets of Information Technology on every platform every database.   Savvy in every IT layer most DBMSs, Programming Languages, OS, Business Logic!  

   We believe complete services rendered includes:

  • Honest Reliable remote or onsite(local) support

  • Optimized & Scalable logic & architecture

  • Data Integrity (HA / CR, Customized Recovery)

  • SOX,HIPAA,GLBA,I386 Compliancy

  • Knowledge transfer/mentoring

  • Proactive monitoring, maintenance, tuning

  • Robust open tools (no license dependency)

  • Competitive service plans

Resume's    Career Opportunities      x Contact us     DBA  Tools /Tips   We're Green! Save the planet!        Charity Events!      Welcome to CrossRoads Database Consultants, Inc.,  your portal for experienced, reliable & affordable database, software & web support.   We work with you to determine your needs & turn your computer turmoils into a  tool you can rely on to bring in new work or free up more time for quality of life as you define it.   Please don't hesitate to call us today!


  • Full Range of Database Services
    • Proactive Database Management
      • Database monitoring, health checks
      • Migrations, Re-engineering 
      • Application & Production support
      • Upgrades, service packs, QA
      • standard definition/enforcement
      • Performance Tuning, Benchmarking 
      • remote 24 x 7  or  local onsite support
      • Beta Testing
      • Load Balancing/Scaling
      • Complex security enforcement
      • Backup/recovery
      • Replication
    • Database Customized Processing
      • ETL, Data Staging
      • process management, tracking
      • Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions
      • Unix/Win/MF scripting
      • Adhoc 4GL reporting 
    • Data Architecture/ Modeling
      • Data Mining, Business Intelligence  
      • Statistics
      • Data Analysis
      • Data Warehouse
    • Any size/platform database! 
      • VLDB (esp. Clusters ~ multi-TB)
      • small & mid-size support
      • Legacy or Bleeding Edge Supported
  • Applied Research, Whitepapers

  • Full Service Web Pages
  • Systems Management Support
    • High Availabilty
    • Security
    • Load Balancing
    • System Monitoring
    • DB security practices
    • Internet security
    • Software installations, migrations
    • N-Tier Tuning
  • Management Support
    • Skill Testing
    • Training
    • Process re-engineering
    • RFI
    • Feasibility Studies
    • DBMS evaluations
    • Platform evaluations
    • RFP, SOW
    • Solution Design, Presentation, Coordination  & Sign off


  • No customer is too small or too big

Intelligent Web Pages


Load Balancing

We will make recommendations on how to offer the most optimal throughput and how to scale your systems

System/DB Monitoring

We will assist you in setting up scripts and automatic routines to keep track of database activity. Recommendations and scripts will be offered to automatically contact a group via beeper or email when a DB hits a threshold or critical event. Software tools will be offered, installed and configured for more complex monitoring solutions.

Backup and Recovery

We will review, setup/automate backup and recovery of your databases. Tools will be recommended where appropriate.

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