Sybase Tools

Product offerings:

DBA utilities (ksh and stored procedures...see below)
Sizing Tools (worksheet or stored procedure forms)
Stored Procedure Generator
Non-DBA support tools

Product Details:

DBA Utilities
We offer a series of stored procedures and ksh scripts that:
extract information not normally made public from the system catalogs.
generate maintenance scripts for all current objects
keep passwords off the unix process listing
Sizing Tools
These tools help to determine the size of your database.
Simple low DDL volatility tools:
Excel spreadsheets which calculate a very close approximation of space needed for sybase database.  
User fills in volumes, copies object template cells for each table. 
For volatile physical and logical designs, and most accurate information:
Sybase stored procedures and ksh scripts that pull off database information from the catalog of an unloaded or loaded database.

    User provides 3 types of volume information (development, QA and Production) in a sybase table.   Reports are generated detailed or summary form for any or all of these volumes.      


Stored Procedure generator

These tools generate stored procedures that either query or create test data for tables involved in referential integrity. DBA installs generator stored procedures. DBO or DBA generates stored procedures using target table parameters and desired additional columns to add to parm list.

Non-DBA Support Tools

These are ksh scripts that extract information that are non-restrictive from the catalog for developer, operator support.

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